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A young singer-songwriter out of Southeast, Texas - whose RockyTonk flare and soulful sound has quickly made a name for himself in the Lone Star state and beyond; Jon Stork has shown up to make sure his lyrics and music will bring you in for a ride, through these stories turned to song. Born into a musical family, Stork was the last of his siblings to pick up an instrument as well as take to the musical bug.  Growing up in church, singing was just a part of everyday life - as gospel was a constant that peaked his interest in music. As the years went by, he began following new types of music, along with styles, that started influencing the young talent.  With roots planted from artists such Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt and other great 90’s country influences, Texas based artists such as Robert Earl Keen and Pat Green took a hold and soon mixed with the classic sounds of artists such as Tom Petty and Bob Seger. Stork says, “The variety of this music that I grew up with just fed the sound I’ve come to play.” Working multiple jobs while going attending college in College Station, Texas, Jon began to play locally and try his hand at sharing those songs that had come out over time. Eventually moving away from multiple jobs and the college scene, He found himself working in different cities across the country. Ultimately, this moving and shaking brought him back to Houston with not only a drive to make music work, but a pocket full of songs that he had been compiling out on the road. He was given the ultimatum of choosing between work and music, and the choice was made.

Playing anywhere and everywhere he could, Jon found stability in regular gigs around the area at local spots. Honing and learning as time went on, Stork recorded and released his debut EP, In Your Radio, in 2017, landing him amongst the top 10 artists on the iTunes country chart. Following the debut, the first standalone single, Rodeo Blues was released in December of that same year, with One Night Stand to follow in 2018.

Coming out of summer 2019, Stork's first full length album, Radio Cowboy was released. The first radio single, Facts and Lies, went #1 on Texas radio in February, 2020. With the arrival of the second single, and the title track, Radio Cowboy, it emerged and climbed quickly, with it ultimately gracing the top of the charts at #2 for multiple weeks. The next single from the album, Another Town, was released shortly thereafter, in Fall of 2020, and was crowned #1 in February, 2021. Stork released his final single from the Radio Cowboy album in March of 2021. Following the success of his previous singles played on airwaves nationwide, the last radio single, If You Can Dance, hit the radio airwaves as requested by DJ's across the state.

Stepping into a new year and season of music, 2022 set the stage for the next chapter for Jon Stork and his band of “RockyTonkers”.  Releasing his much anticipated single, Blood, in May of ’22; stations across the country took notice of the young artist’s style and approach.  Ultimately, the single reached the top three songs on Texas radio, as well as being hand picked and played by stations nationwide.  Stork knew he had something special with his new material, as the group began to see changes in crowds and response.  Following Blood, digital singles - Forever Man and Fast Horse were introduced to listeners and caught more attention from new fans everywhere on streaming on playlists and digital platforms. Wrapping up the year, the final digital single, What You’re In For, was released and the entire Fast Horse - EP was then later released in December.  The release of this new batch of songs “has something for everyone”, says Stork.

Not only ready for what’s next, but prepared and glad he’s got the team to take it on, Stork says the writing and creative process has only broadened with his travels and experiences over the past year. 2023 is set to bring some of the best material the singer-songwriter has ever had the opportunity to write and perform. This young and moving artist seems to be more than excited to share what’s to come with tracks such as, Somebody’s Baby, Country Side, Anywhere,  Missing You Lately and more.  “These songs all have a piece of where I’m from and where I’m going;  the up and down, with some of the most honest writing I could ever try to get across.  I’ve always been excited to release new music, but these are some of my favorites lyrics I’ve ever - written.” - JS







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